What's One Thing Where India / Indians Go Wrong ?

Getting proud over achievements of Indian origin — foreign citizens*

Here in India, it’s quite common to get proud and happy when some people from Indian origins* get successful in a foreign land.

Little do we know they are foreign citizens, they are green card holders, they are that foreign country taxpayers. India as a country does not get anything.


1.Sundar Pichai: He is an American citizen, all work he does is for America. Only America gets the benefit of it, still, in India, people get proud that an Indian is on that throne.

2. Kalpana Chawla: She went to America to pursue her dream, she became an American citizen, She is still called an *American astronaut* with Indian origins.

(Do you see the American flag up there)

Do make them your idols, make them your inspirations but as a country

We are a fail”.

Our talented youth, go to foreign lands and do outstanding works, our India lacks in giving opportunities to that talented youth that can pay back to the country through their works. Be it sports, be it science in everything we lack behind, and then we get proud as a peacock when we hear they are of Indian origin.


I am blaming the society, I am blaming the government, I am blaming all the factors due to which we don't get the opportunity we should get.

I am not at all blaming these people because trust me give me an opportunity and I will surely board a ticket to foreign right now.