These AI-powered health assistants are strengthening healthcare industry

Artificial intelligence implementation in healthcare is the most valuable discovery and creation of all time. Reading and interpreting diagnostic data, medical advice, and accurate diagnosis are just a few of the benefits of using artificial intelligence algorithms. Since their merger, the convergence of artificial intelligence and human management has resulted in the saving of unnecessary fatalities. The ability to evaluate large amounts of data makes artificial intelligence smarter and more helpful.

Buoy Health

buoy health app interface

Buoy Health is a US-based programme that uses effective machine learning to detect diagnostic issues in patients. This healthcare software identifies a possible condition by asking questions depending on the replies to previous ones. Following that, instruct the users on how to proceed.


mango health app interface

This programme assesses the consumption of medications in one's body and identifies possible risks associated with excessive or insufficient intake. It also correctly classifies various combinations of medications and eating behaviours connected with them as safe or harmful. Finally, it pays consumers for taking their medications on time.


asthmapolis trademark smart inhaler

Asthmapolis is a smart inhaler with a sensor that responds automatically when it is in sync with your smartphone. In particular circumstances, it manifests feedback and asthma-related information, including warnings. The phone also identifies the tool anytime it is nearby, making it easier to discover.

Aarogya Setu

aarogya setu covid app

This is a government of India project to stop the spread of new coronaviruses by detecting contamination and identifying carriers. This further notifies the user and educates them about any changes in the body that correspond to the virus's symptoms. Because of its demonstrated usefulness, this has earned tremendous popularity and admiration, particularly among Indians.


ai cure

AiCure is a popular health aide among people with serious diseases who frequently miss medications and treatments suggested by their doctor. This application uses the phone's camera to track the patient's activities that are in compliance with or against the doctor's advise. This demonstrates the limitless scope of advancement that artificial intelligence may provide.

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