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Amazing Tech Hacks That Can Be Learned In 2 Minutes

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Living in a technology era, we spend more than half of our day with our phones and laptops.

Although technology has helped us to save lots of our time, still there are ways to save more like-

1. Changing upper and lower case

I think the most heartbreaking situation is when we forget to shift uppercase to lowercase and have written half of the paragraph in upper case! With tears in our eyes, we delete the whole article. But I have got you a shortcut to save your life-

a. To shift uppercase to lowercase, select the paragraph and click Shift+F3”

b. Again click the same, and it will identify the periods and capitalize the initials.

2. How to deal with big Excel files.

Prepared Excel sheets but are large enough to hinder in transferring?

Save it as.XLSB and get the size reduced by 50-70%.

3. Get the tab back

You accidentally deleted the reading tab and did not remember the name or site?

Just click “ ctrl+shift+t” and land on your page again.

4. Create a nameless invisible file

We all need a place to store all our secret files. But it is difficult to have it if you are sharing your PC or laptop with your siblings and friends. So to create a hidden folder do this-

a. Create a no-name folder on your desktop.

b. Press “ALT+255+Enter”

c . Click the folder and go to properties.

d. select Customize tab

e. go to change the icon.

f. scroll to the invisible icon and select it.

Your invisible folder is ready. Make sure to remember its position.

5. Want to save the whole web page without installing extensions.

a . Click Shift+F2

b. type- Screenshot filename---full name and press enter.

c. the page will be saved as a PNG file in downloads.

6. Charge faster

With time the battery loses retention. To charge your battery faster, put it in flight mode and charge.