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How to Get Rid of Cookie Banners That Follow You Around Websites

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

The "We use cookies" banners that appear around the internet serve a crucial purpose. However, having to click through them every time you access a page (often not for the first time) is more than a little frustrating. Here's everything you need to know about why they exist—and how to prevent them.

Cookies are small pieces of data that are saved on your computer when you visit a website and are accessed when you return to that page (or, sometimes, other websites). Some save your login credentials so that you don't have to log in every time you return.

Others track your behaviour so that the site may provide a more personalised experience, such as offering relevant products or posts to those you've already visited. Certain websites also permit the use of your data elsewhere online, for example, third parties can display your adverts based on your purchases or browsing history.

The cookie disclaimers assist businesses in being upfront about what data they acquire from you and how they use it. They also allow you to change your choices, giving you more control over the information you share.

How to Avoid Cookie Notices

It can be exhausting to have to alter your options on a site-by-site basis, or even merely click "allow cookies" numerous times every day. Fortunately, as Factdrive points out, there are techniques to prevent cookie banners from appearing in the first place.

A free browser extension called Super Agent is a very useful method. It does not block cookie banners, which can sometimes cause a site to malfunction. Instead, it serves as a proxy for your cookie preferences: You specify your cookie settings, and Super Agent will automatically apply them when you visit a website—before the cookie banner appears.

Super Agent is currently compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, and you may install the Safari app for iPhones and iPods running iOS 15. Create an account and change your cookie options after installing the extension. You can accept or reject advertising cookies, functional cookies (which remember your login information), and performance cookies (which websites use to improve their user experience).

Super Agent will enforce your choices on each website with which it has an agreement once you've stored them. If a cookie banner appears on a website, you can click the extension and choose "Report Problem." The website will then be added to Super Agent's coverage. It also keeps track of how many clicks and how much time it saves you, which you can see on your account dashboard and elsewhere.

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