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From Hogwarts to Batman's Arkham Asylum: Fictional Places You Can Visit In Real Life

Fictional Places Showed In Our Favourite Movies Are Everyone's Dream To Visit. In this blog, I have tried to write some of my dream places to visit, which I think would be your favourites too.

1. Alnwick Castle, England (Hogwarts, Harry Potter)

Alnwick Castle Harry Potter Hogwarts

Many outdoor scenes of the first two movies in the Harry Potter series were filmed in Alnwick Castle.

Additionally, Gloucester cathedral and Durham Catherdal were also used for Interior Shots.

2. Dubrovnik, Croatia (King's Landing, Game Of Thrones)

The capital of the seven kingdoms of Westeros exists for real. The red roof spread across the city became a recognisable factor for this fictional location.

Many locations in and around the city were also used as Qarth and Salver's Bay.

3. Matamata, New Zealand (The Shire, The Hobbit & The Lord Of The Rings)

The Hobbiton in the Shire, a little village where the film's Hobbits live, was shot in New Zealand, as were the majority of the locations used in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

4. Castle Ward, Northern Island (Winterfell, Game Of Thrones)

Winterfall, the home of the Starks, was shot at Doune Castle in Scotland for the pilot episode.

However, later episodes featuring Winterfell were filmed at Castle Ward in Northern Ireland.

5. Mount Ngauruhoe, New Zealand (Mordor, The Lord Of The Rings)

More precisely, Mount Ngauruhoe was used as Mount Doom in the final movie Of the LOTR series, where Frodo must go to destroy the ring.

The shots were edited to make the location seem darker and sinister.

6. Hatley Castle, Canada (Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters, X-Men)

In many X-men films, including Deadpool, Hatley Castle In British Columbia, Canada, was used as a filming location to depict the exterior of Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters.

7. Iguazu Falls, Argentina (Warrior Falls, Black Panther)

The Warrior Falls, where the king of Wakanda, a.k.a the Black Panther, obtains his coronation in the comic story, is the real-life Iguazu Falls, a natural wonder on Argentina's and Brazil's Borders.

8. Danvers State Hospital, Massachusetts, US (Batman's Arkham Asylum)

Arkham Asylum, the place where Batman puts all of his enemies after he is done capturing them, was shot in the Danvers State Hospital.

The hospital is no longer in use and closed down in the early 90s. However, people can still visit the hospital to take pictures.

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