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Few Things Movies Usually Get Improper In Comparison To Practical Life

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

1. Grenade Explosion

Grenade explosive

"Any situation in which a grenade explodes. It's always depicted as a massive fireball. The fact is that, while devastating, explosives are not visually appealing."

2. Potrayal of Diabetes

Insulin diabetes medicine injection tablets

"The way diabetes is portrayed in movies. High blood sugar is rarely a medical emergency in real life. A low blood sugar level is unquestionably a medical emergency, yet you don't want to give someone insulin. If you give them insulin when they are low, you are only adding to the problem."

3. Gun Silencer

Gun Silencer lady hat spy

"Gun silencers aren't as silent as most movies make them out to be. The bang will still be loud, but not loud enough to deafen everyone standing around. Movies make it appear like you can walk through a base shooting people off while no one notices."

4. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

cpr dummy oxygen

"Whenever someone does CPR. If you're doing it correctly, you're utilising your entire body and exerting enough power to shatter a rib. I understand why actors don't want to do that, but when I see them with bent elbows, whatever immersion I have is immediately broken."

5. Birth Scene

Pregnant Woman Belly

A pregnant lady gives birth someplace at random during the course of a film's plot:

Mother gives birth, someone cuts the cord, mother stands up and goes away with the baby.

So, how about the placenta? This really irritates me! Is it normal for them to go about with an umbilical cord dangling from their butthole?

They don't appear to be bleeding after either.

Because her uterus suddenly snaps back to its pre-pregnancy size the instant the baby is born, the woman has a flat stomach again. (Also applies to skin)

6. Activating the fire alarm and fire sprinklers.

Firefighter Emergency FireExtinguisher

a/ Pulling the fire alarm will not activate the sprinkler system.

b/ A single sprinkler head will not activate the complete system. Each fire sprinkler has either a glass bulb containing a heat sensitive liquid or a metal fusible link. To enable the water to flow, you must effectively break the bulk/link on each individual sprinkler.

c/The water leaving the sprinkler system will be black from years of corrosion caused by stagnant water; you do not want to be near this water when it comes out.

7. Hackers Hacking Almost Everything

Hackers Cybercrime Computers Ghost

Everything could be hacked in seconds. They also never appear to make errors when typing. You never hear the backspace key make its unique sound.

8. Using Chloroform to Execute a Character

Chloroform Poster Movement Sleepy

Any situation in which cloroform knocks someone unconscious in less than two seconds. It takes at least 5 minutes, and the difference in dose between sleepy and dead is quite little.

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