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Best 7 Personal Finance Influencers To Follow In 2023

Personal financial influencers have the ability to inspire, empower, and motivate millions of individuals all over the world to take charge of their finances.

As part of its first Social Honors awards, Bankrate featured a select social media influencers and other content creators to help elevate the voices speaking about money in a new way. In conjunction with those honours, we've selected 7 of the finest personal financial influencers to watch in 2023.

1. Delyanne Barros, @DelyanneTheMoneyCoach

  • Follow Barros on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter

  • Areas of expertise: Investing

Delyanne Barros is a self-made billionaire and former employment attorney on a mission to teach investors how to "Slay the Stock Market."

Barros didn't discover the potential of long-term investment until she was 37 years old, and while she frequently mentions how she wishes she had begun sooner, she also underlines that it's never too late.

Barros is a member of the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) movement and plans to retire at the age of 45. She attributes her success to sticking to her investment goals and truthfully documenting her progress on social media, along with concrete suggestions.

2. Dasha Kennedy, @TheBrokeBlackGirl

  • Follow Kennedy on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

  • Areas of expertise: Debt, building wealth and financial advocacy

Dasha Kennedy is a financial activist who is passionate about empowering women to be their own financial champions. For her, this is demonstrating to women how to become financially independent.

Her personal financial difficulties led her to tell her story, and through it, she was able to assist hundreds of other women in getting their money back on track.

You won't find traditional counsel on Kennedy's social media platforms. Instead, she'll give you far more practical and accessible counsel based on her own personal experience. Common topics on her feed, for example, include how to set financial limits, how to talk about money with children, and how to develop healthy financial habits.

3. Humphrey Yang, @HumphreyTalks

  • Follow Yang on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram

  • Areas of expertise: Investing and taxes

Humphrey Yang is a personal finance video developer who has a talent for simplifying hard issues like taxes and investing so that anybody can comprehend them.

When you visit Yang's social channels, you'll notice that his material is completely instructional, with an emphasis on teaching financial ideas that you might not be familiar with in a way that's both digestible and enjoyable.

4. Parii Bafna, @PariiBafna

  • Follow Bafna on TikTok and YouTube

  • Areas of expertise: Personal finance

Parii Bafna considers herself an information synthesiser and curator, and she believes that her content educates and entertains her audience.

Bafna was a senior in high school when the COVID-19 epidemic broke out, and she, like many of us, fell down an internet rabbit hole. Her main concentration is financial education.

She discovered that most of what we are taught encourages customers to make decisions that favour giant companies. Since then, Bafna has dedicated herself to studying and researching, and she is determined to sharing what she has learned with others, particularly through TikTok.

5. Jeremy Schneider, @PersonalFinanceClub

  • Follow Schneider on Instagram and TikTok

  • Areas of expertise: Investing

PersonalFinanceClub's creator, Jeremy Schneider, is a skilled investment discoverer.

Schneider is like the child who always got the greatest marks in class.

Schneider is the man to see if you want to enhance your Investing 101 score, owing to his simple charts. These infographics will not only help you comprehend the worth of your investment, but they will also show you how and where to get started.

6. Berna, @HeyBerna

  • Follow Berna on Instagram and YouTube

  • Areas of expertise: Personal finance

Borna is a lady who admits and wishes that everyone, regardless of background, feels included in the larger conversation about money.

He chose to be that person for others after recognising that a personal financial community is not a suitable agent for people like him.

Borna excels in analysing complicated issues in an easy-to-understand and palatable manner. He also produces the Money Please podcast, which features expert speakers discussing important financial matters.

7. Anjie and RJ Muhammad, @RichByIntention

  • Follow the Muhammads on Instagram

  • Areas of expertise: Wealth building as a couple

Anjie and RJ Muhammad are money experts who want to teach people how to make a fortune from their content.

Before they got married, the couple knew that arguing over money was one of the main reasons for divorce. They didn’t work well. They didn’t want their finances to be a burden on their marriage, so they decided to get down to business.

Mohammed has jointly paid off a student loan of $ 123,000 and is now helping others achieve their financial goals without putting a strain on their financial relationships.

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