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8 Actors Who Surprisingly Got Approved for Making Insane On-Set Demands

It's no secret that certain performers can be diva-like, especially if they're mega-stars of a successful franchise, film, or series. Some studios and filmmakers give in to performers' strange and absurd requests in order to keep their leads comfortable.

1. George Clooney Asked For A Garden, Among Other Things

George Clooney is a highly sought-after actor who has starred in a slew of blockbusters and is worth more than $500 million. As a result, the two-time Academy Award winner has made some bizarre requests, most notably during his time on the set of the 2013 picture Gravity.

Clooney not only requested a private planted garden to enjoy on his property while making the movie, but also a basketball court, hot tub, and even a custom-made beach house! Surprisingly, all of his demands were accomplished, at a cost of $125,000 to the studio.

2. A $2 million trailer was requested by Will Smith.

Will Smith was a founding member of the Men in Black franchise's original cast. As a well-liked figure in Hollywood, it's hardly surprising that when Men in Black II rolled along, he requested something a little strange.

According to reports, the star asked for a $2 million trailer with two bedrooms, a movie theatre, and two bathrooms. The greatest thing of the demand has to be the fact that the actor lived only a few minutes away from the set at the time! The studio, after all, wanted to keep their star pleased.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger pretty much took over Terminator.

When the third Terminator movie came out, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the franchise's star, pretty well took control. He demanded to be in control of pretty much anything that had to do with employment.

Not only did the actor handpick his co-stars, but also the director, crew, make-up artists, costume designers, drivers, publicists, and even the chef who would prepare each meal throughout the shoot. It was either Schwarzenegger's way or "goodbye, sweetheart!"

4. Johnny Depp requested that his lines be sent to him through an earpiece.

Without Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow, there will be no Pirates of the Caribbean series. Sorry about that, Captain. Sparrow, Captain. The figure has now become a famous member of the Disney canon. And it's possible that Depp was able to get away with such an outrageous demand because of Sparrow's fame.

Depp apparently refused to memorise his lines during filming the picture. Instead, he hired a sound engineer to play his lines over an earpiece. Isn't he aware that part of being an actor is remembering lines?

5. A Purple Lightsaber was demanded by Samuel L. Jackson.

Fans of the Star Wars series have long known that the Sith Lords use red lightsabers while the Jedi Knights use blue and green lightsabers. That all changed with the publication of Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones and the epic demand of actor Samuel L. Jackson.

To make his character, Jedi Master Mace Windu, stand out during the climactic combat sequence on Geonosis, Jackson asked that he fight with a purple lightsaber. He's the only Jedi with that colour lightsaber, so the demand certainly paid off, even if it's ludicrous.

6. Two Game of Thrones actors were never seen together onscreen.

There are so many characters in Game of Thrones that fans may have overlooked the fact that Cersei Lannister and Bronn were never in the same scene together. It's also intriguing given that Bronn has worked for the Lannister family in some capacity throughout the series. In any case, there is a reason why the two are never shown together on TV.

Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn dated in the past. After they split up on terrible terms, they insisted that the authors never put their characters in the same room again. Yikes.

7. Initially, Tom Cruise refused to let his co-star run beside him.

Tom Cruise, the star of Mission: Impossible, is one of Hollywood's greatest stars, which means he's made some huge demands over the years. It turns out that almost no request is "difficult" for him!

Cruise, according to his Mummy co-star Annabelle Wallis, will not allow anybody to run with him. She told The Hollywood Reporter that he eventually relented and let her run beside him."

8. Robert Downey Jr. Refused To Wear The Iron Man Suit.

Robert Downey Jr., as one of the original six Avengers in the MCU, has earned the right to make some ridiculous demands. Surprisingly, the sole concession he's requested of the studio and costume department makes perfect sense – he doesn't have to wear his super suit.

After the first Iron Man picture, Downey Jr. requested if his suit could be converted to CGI since it was unpleasant, unwieldy, and a nuisance to get in and out of. Everyone agreed with the performer, and the costume was applied to each successive film in post-production.


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