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7 Indian Fashion Labels Which Are Transforming the Gold Jewelry Industry

Gold, in the form of piles upon heaps of this lustrous metal, has gathered in our bank lockers, where it is kept securely locked away in tijoris, which are safes modelled after those found in India. As Indians, we place all of our faith and hope in gold.

Our unflinching confidence in this money pool comes with numerous cultural expectations since it is seen as a symbol of luxury and success. Obviously. Wed and bedded, as well as being submerged in gold at the same time. But in the year 2022, gold is making its presence known. A personal one.

Newer, more creative design techniques have radically transformed how we view gold, and both upcoming and well-established brands are betting on these newer, more creative design methods.

Take a peek at these seven companies that are mastering the art of combining new age experiments with gold-plated jewellery:


The marketing efforts for Olio are nothing short of works of art because of the brand's alluring character and deft use of narrative. The haath phools come in a close second to the popular travel-adorned neck pieces that they sell, which are the fans' top choice. The symbolism of the sun and moon appear frequently in their creations, transcending the boundaries of earthly existence as it does so.


A lengthy number of celebrities, including Kendall Jenner, Priyanka Chopra, Zendaya, Billie Eilish, and Simone Ashley, have been seen wearing pieces designed by Misho. The list could go on and on. Suhani Parekh is the creative force behind Misho. She adopts a style of creativity that is so unique that the entire sector has undergone a revolution on a global scale as a direct result of her ceaseless efforts to bring this art form to the forefront.


This demi-fine jewellery firm, which is situated in Hyderabad, has quickly become a fan favourite among creative types working in the sector. Kavya Potluri takes a path that is less travelled, and as a result, her collection of accessories not only includes necklaces, rings, and earrings, but also eye frames, headgear, and hair accessories. Their experimentation with filigree-inspired components led to the creation of a design aesthetic that is ornate and nonconformist, evoking thoughts of the allure of a bygone era.


A disclaimer: scrolling through Dhora's Instagram may cause you to drool and stare in awe like a child of three. Their flawless imagery is to fault for this situation. And, of course, there is their primary product, which is jewellery. Dhora's minimalistic design concept fits perfectly with the Indian audience's desire for striking items, which can be seen in anything from gold pieces to small pearl pendants.


Scrunchies made of gold? In a set that can be stacked? Please take our money RIGHT NOW. The silver versions of these earrings are just as adorable as their gold counterparts and may frequently be seen worn by fashion influencer Masoom Minawala. Their jewellery may be accessorised with blazers, gowns, saris, and even a lehenga in a variety of different ways. The fact that they can be readily paired with other items and have a gender-flexible style also get brownie points.


The zodiac necklaces and pendants that are created by Amama are an absolute need to add to your collection. Their evil eye pieces are also deserving of a lot of praise because they are crafted out of brass and finished off with a gold plating. When you're ready to leave, start by layering the pieces and topping them off with a white silk shirt.


When going for a low V neckline, this hanging chain necklace with a pressed crumple design is the perfect accessory to wear. In addition, if you have tattoos on your sternum, there isn't a piece that could look much better than this one to complement them. Make sure you take a look at their hefty Scallop Shell Ring; the carving on the same is really precise.

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