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5 Best Piece Of Relationship Advice From Experts And Real Couples

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

If meeting your soulmate seemed difficult in the past, prepare for the reality of how to make a relationship last. That's because relationships may be confusing, messy, and downright difficult at times. However, the good news is that they are generally well worth the effort.

You and your spouse will need to travel the relationship road to find the ideal route for you, but that doesn't mean you can't stop and ask for instructions along the way. But be wary of free advice from friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers—just because it's accessible doesn't mean it's always useful.

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What if you aren't married yet? Is it really worth it to go to therapy? The quick answer is yes. Long before the wedding bells ring, relationship counselling may be quite beneficial. And don't forget about the couples who have matured together over time. Marriage, like all relationships, grows and evolves through time, so fresh counsel may be beneficial.

Whether you're on your first date, just engaged, on your honeymoon, or have been together for so long you've lost track, we've compiled relationship advice from professionals and actual couples alike to help you solidify your commitment to one another.

Relationship Advice from Relationship Experts

Marriage and relationship counsellors have seen it all, from the good to the horrible. Here's some sound relationship advice from the specialists, which they provide to their patients and clients.

1. Respect each other's thoughts.

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"You and your spouse have two very distinct minds that have evolved over decades of time," explains Steven Dziedzic, inventor of the Lasting app. "That means you'll think and feel differently about almost everything, and you'll have major and tiny arguments. That's why, in a quarrel, the goal isn't to 'win,' as many people believe, but to comprehend your partner's point of view."

2. Disconnect in order to reconnect.

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One-on-one time can be hampered by social media and the internet in general. Just because you and your partner are the only ones in the room together doesn't imply you're spending meaningful time together. "When you're out together, put your gadgets down and unplug when you come home," advises Bonnie Winston, celebrity matchmaker and relationship expert. "Take a 24-hour break to play board games or prepare a dinner as a group."

3. Make an investment in your mate.

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"Relationships have a higher chance of enduring when they are founded on 'the good' in the other person, when both partners collaborate to feed that good and are encouraged to become better themselves."

Relationship Advice from Real Couples

You probably already know not to go to bed angry and that communication is essential, but there are lots of other tried-and-true relationship advice to be found. Experts have one point of view, but for a more personal approach, we asked real couples for their one-of-a-kind user-tested and -approved love advice.

1. Make a joke about it.

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"Laughter appears to be the remedy to most disagreements,". "We're typically able to dissolve a disagreement fairly quickly if one of us can crack a joke or point out how stupid it is before it grows." Just one piece of advice I learnt the hard way: Sarcasm rarely has the desired impact. Stick to remarks that both of you will find amusing, and you'll get additional points.

2. Express thankfulness.

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"Say 'thank you' on a regular basis,". "Even if it's your partner's 'job' to do something (cook supper, wash the vehicle, etc.), showing gratitude is a terrific way to make them feel good and a great reminder to yourself that the life you live is possible because of the things you do for one another."

Relationship advice is important, but keep in mind that what works for one person may not work for another. No two relationships are identical, like snowflakes, and the strategy you choose must be suited for the two of you. If the relationship advice supplied by professionals and genuine couples does not meet your needs, adjust them and collaborate to generate your own ideas.

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