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2 Minute Life-Saving Hack That Will Be Useful For The Rest Of Your Life.

If you drive or travel in a car, you should definitely know this life-saving hack. This is something you can learn in a minute and it will surely be useful for the rest of your life.

Luxury car interior in black

Whenever you drive behind trucks (or large vehicles), always maintain a distance of 20-30 m from them in cities and 80-120m on highways.

Many of the readers will be, "What the hell? We already know this. But wait, there is something else you should know.

Here are pictures of the 2 trucks. Can you point out the difference between the two?



The first truck has a rear bumper shield but the second one does not.

Suppose you are running after these trucks and you are very close to them. If the truck driver suddenly applies the brakes, you will have little distance to prevent your vehicle from colliding with the truck. What will happen if you collide with trucks?

Illustration 1: (driving behind 1st truck)

If you hit a truck, the shield will prevent your car from going under the truck and if your car has airbags, they will activate and save your life.

Scenario 2: (driving behind 2nd truck)

As you can see, there is no shield on the rear bumper of the other truck. Any sedan and hatchback can easily go under the truck during a crash. If you hit a truck, your car will go under the truck and it will directly impact your windshield.

In this situation, even your airbag will not be deployed as the sensors for the airbag are present in the front bumper and your bumper will not even know that there has been an accident with the car.

Always be extra careful when riding behind large vehicles. Apply this method and you will reach your home safely. All accidents are preventable.

Alert Today – Alive Tomorrow.
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